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Kean Silicone Co., Ltd. was established in 2006, specializing in development and production of injection molding liquid silicone products with the most advanced injection molding, automatic production without human intervention, using 100% of the USA food grade liquid material.

Why Baby Need Teethers?
Teether is a toy given to teething infants as soothing tool to ease the inflamed gums become more co...
Will the iron clamps of the pacifier chain rust? Can you change it to stainless steel?
All iron will rust. All iron pacifier clips in the market have this problem. But it’s not easy to r...
Is the length of the pacifier chains required?
European market requires the length of pacifier chains should be within 22cm, (According to EN12586,...
What’s the width of Ribbon you mainly use for pacifier clips ?
We use ribbon with width 1.3cm, it’s durable, not easy to break. (The width of each type pacifier c...
What chain clip styles does your company have?
1)white plastic pacifier clip 2)flower shaped pacifier clip(available in plastic and metal clip) Ni...
What are the packaging of the silicone pacifier clip?
Packages for Pacifier clips: 1) clear poly bag 2) PVC bag 3) Organza bag
What are the functions of elephant silicone sippy lid?
air collection valve Leak-proof cross valve elephant leak-proof cup cover is suitable for 55-99mm c...
How much is the MOQ for making silicone baby plate mold? how much is the mold fee?
The MOQ for making mold is 1000 pieces. The mold fee is $2500-$3000, there is one hole in a mold or ...
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