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Shenzhen Kean Silicon Product Co., Ltd.
Shenzhen Kean Silicon Product Co., Ltd.
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Shenzhen Kean Industry Co.,Ltd.


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                                           Technical personnel, Marketing sales

Technical personnel, Marketing salesmam   

Company Introduction

          Kean Silicone Co., Ltd. was established in 2006, specializing in development and production of injection molding liquid silicone products with the most advanced injection molding, automatic production without human intervention, using 100% of the USA food grade liquid material. 

Kean industrial park     Kean office

               Kean industrial park                                           Kean Office

          Over 7 years of experiences in silicone products industry and outstanding engineering workers we would provide our customers with professional designs and development. We are specialized in silicone baby accessories, silicone medical appliances, silicone kitchenware.

Injection molding machine  Mould making(CNC)  Mould

Injection molding machine         Mold Making(CNC)                         Mould

Teething product packing department Outdoor product packing department

   Teething product packing department          Outdoor product packing department

High temp.vulcanization QC department

            High temp.vulcanization                                       QC department

          Kean Silicone uses high-precision, high efficiency, automatic liquid silicone rubber injection molding process, becoming infant well-known enterprises of silicone rubber products! We always follow: technological innovation leading technology pioneer, safety and environmental protection improving the quality of life!

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  Marketing sales

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Tel:86-181 2368 7087 Fax:86-755-89696258
Add:61# Caizi North Road,Shangmugu,Pinghu,Longgang District, Shenzhen Technical :Baiila
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