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baby teething symptoms

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During the baby grow teeth , there will be some abnormal performance of the baby, and different babies will perform differently. Generally speaking, there are nine main aspects:

Baby teething symptoms, signs baby is teething

1. Pain: your baby may show signs of pain and discomfort.
2. Irritability: the discomfort caused by your teeth will make your baby's temper tantrums and sobbing, especially during the first day or two of the tooth.
3. Flushed cheeks: you may notice red spots on the baby's cheeks.
4. Drooling: the excess saliva that comes out of your teeth makes your baby drool.
5. Chew, chew, or bite: put anything near your baby's mouth, and he may be able to do the same.
6. Gum swelling: check his mouth to see if the gums are swollen or swollen.
7. Don't sleep well: the baby may wake up in the middle of the night and look irritable, even though he's been sleeping well.
8. Rise in body temperature: tooth extraction can cause a slight increase in body temperature, so the baby may feel warmer than usual.
9. Buttock pain: although we don't know why, some parents have noticed that babies are more prone to diaper rash when they give out their teeth, and may have a watery bowel movement.

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