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Shenzhen Kean Silicone Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2011. It is an innovative enterprise integrating the development, design, production and sales of silicone products.


KEAN currently has more than 300 domestic and international patents and two international brands. "KEAN" and "MyFriday" cards.

KEAN has many international patents, and its brands such as MyFriday and KEAN have been well-known at home and abroad. Silicone products have passed FDA, LFGB, EN71, ASNZS ISO 8124, CCPSA and other tests and can be issued safety certifications in many countries.

The company specializes in silicone materials for outdoor products, daily household items, and maternal and child products (this website is mainly maternal and child products)

Company's official website: www.keansilicone.com

Outdoor supplies: sports water bottles, sub-bottles, portable pill boxes, portable toiletries, etc.

Everyday home: silicone shoe covers, silicone fresh-keeping bags, silicone straws, silicone dinner plates, silicone face wash brushes, etc.

Silicone maternity and baby products: silicone teether, silicone bracelets, silicone necklaces, silicone pendants, silicone pacifiers, silicone beads, etc.




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