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Why Baby Need Teethers?[2017-06-06]
Teether is a toy given to teething infants as soothing tool to ease the inflamed gums become more comfortable d…
What age is the teething mittens recommended for?[2018-05-03]
Our Teething Mittens is Designed for babies from 3-12 months, depending on the rate of growth of different infan…
Do silicone teething necklaces really work?[2018-04-27]
when baby chew the silicone teething necklace, the necklace rub your baby's gums, this can help relieve some of the discomfort.
.What gives the silicone beads their color?  Are dyes paint-based in the silicone and safe for baby[2018-04-25]
silicone beads color is generated by the mixture of pigment and translucent silicone raw materials, the main components of the masterbatch or silicone(food grade)
You have a catalogue with those necklaces and prices?[2018-04-20]
Yes, attached the full catalogue of our silicone necklace, please have a check The MOQ of silicone necklace is 100pcs now, not 10pcs The price list is in the next email.
what about the printed instructions and information about the product? Can I have it in my language[2018-04-20]
Yes, of course, you can printed instructions and information about the necklace You can print the information on…
What file types do you typically require your customers to submit for teething toys?[2018-04-17]
Teething toys Picture and size details
What is the main product that your company produces?[2018-04-17]
Silicone beads, Silicone Teether, Teething Mittens, Silicone Placemat Baby, Pacifier Clip, Silicone Bangles, Silicone…
Pacifier clip function[2018-01-17]
1)To tie on baby’s pacifier or toys 2)Fix on baby’s clothes and baby stroller, avoid falling or missing
when babies start teething?[2018-01-03]
Most babies get their first teeth between four and seven months. If the baby is growing fast, it may be up to three to six months before the white tip (usually a lower tooth) comes out.
When to use teether for baby?[2017-12-02]
About 3 months age, you can use teether for baby, Not every child is so early. So, when baby has strtd droolin…
What is the silicone teething beads lead time?[2017-11-21]
A:Silicone teething beads Sample:3-5days; Quantitybelow 5,000pcs: 5-15days; large order: 15-30days; according to quantity.
Can l DIY my own silicone teething necklace design?[2017-11-21]
Yes , you can , you can DIY your own silicone teething necklace by beads, We offer a generation, we can control the quality as well.
What CAD software files can you receive and work from?(proE...etc).[2017-11-21]
A:We often use dwg, stp, igs form for CAD drawing and PROE.
Can I order a sample order at first? If so, how do I place it?[2017-11-14]
ok A: the sample is free for $10 B: we need to pay the sample fee for more than $10. C: the customer shall bear the freight
What are the manufacturing methods of silicone products?[2017-11-09]
1.mold pressing 2.Injection processing
What are the main processes of silicone teether mould?[2017-11-09]
1.Comfirm 3D drawing. 2.Parting mold and programs. 3.Orering Material. 4. CNC Processing. 5.EDM processing. 6.Mold Parts Processing. 7.Molds assembly
Do you have ability to custom teether with multiple color?[2017-10-30]
all the molding process, as color K and raisin tree seed (the high cost of the mold, usually A few color K n…
What is the minimum quantity I need to get custom silicone beads manufactured?[2017-10-30]
Custom silicone beads minimum quantity order quantity: 9,000 beads ($900), 3,000 colors per color, and a total of 9,000 colors in 3 colors
How much is the manufacturing of a custom silicone bead design?[2017-10-30]
The silicone beads design fee (usd 100~200 usd) is specifically designed B: 3D hand board sample ($50 or free), the mold fee is $700 ~ $800.

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