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baby teething relief

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Massage gums
A gentle massage of the gums will help to relieve teething pain.
Gently rub the baby's gums with clean fingers.
Cold compresses the gum
Letting the baby chew something cool will not only help soothe the inflamed gums, but also distract the baby's attention.
Cold towels or iced rubber pacifiers can help, but some tasty treats, such as ice bananas or cold carrots, may attract babies for longer periods of time.
You can also get the baby to suck on ice, but the ice must be wrapped in a towel and you must watch the baby in case the baby tries to swallow the ice.
If the baby is too small, you must also help the baby with the towel.
Getting the baby to bite the ice directly may damage the gums.
Not only does the towel make the baby more comfortable with the ice, it also prevents the ice from sliding down the throat.
Qiao bottle
Try this trick: pour water or juice into a bottle, then invert the bottle and let the liquid flow into the pacifier, place the bottle in the fridge, and hold it upside down until the liquid freezes.
The baby will be very happy to bite the bottle's frozen pacifier.
Remember to check the nipple from time to time to make sure it's intact.
While you already know that your baby's pain is normal, that doesn't mean you can only watch your baby suffer.
So try these tips to help alleviate your baby's discomfort during teething.

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