Case of cooperation between Kean and Marks & Spencer Retail Group

Founded in 2010, Kean Silicone has been committed to the independent creation of silicone products for more than ten years. Whether it is in research and development, production, or sales, it has its own complete system. As early as 2017, Kean Silicone had a commercial cooperation with the brand "Marks & Spencer". Marks & Spencer is the UK's largest multinational commercial retail group and one of the UK's representative companies. It has the highest profitability among UK retailers and has opened 285 stores in 40 countries and regions around the world. In 2008, Marks & Spencer opened its first branch in mainland China in Shanghai.

 Kean cooperated with the S2 water bottle. In 2017, the sales volume of the S2 water bottle has been firmly in the top three in the store, and it is deeply loved and loved by the masses. Until this year, the popularity of the S2 water bottle has not diminished at all, soft and foldable. , Lightweight and easy to carry, is its advantage.

Our products have passed various tests, and you can use them with confidence: 1. Food grade certification 2. 9001 certification 3. SGS certification 4. ASTM certification

There are many other outdoor water bottles in the same series of Kean. Environmental protection, safety, convenience and convenience are what we have been pursuing. (If you are interested in knowing more, you can consult customer service for details!) Kean has been following in the footsteps of customers, listening to their voices, and everything comes from customers to customers. Make products with temperature attentively! Welcome customers to cooperate with us, Kean will serve you wholeheartedly!