Case of cooperation between Kean and New balance

New Balance, a brand established by Mr. William J. Riley in Boston, the city of marathon in the United States in 1906, is known as "Presidential Jogging Shoes" and "King of Jogging Shoes" in the United States and many countries. I believe that there are still many people who have worn shoes of this brand. In 2019, we cooperated with S3 water bottles.

Speaking of the S3 water bottle, the bottle body is made of food-grade silicone material, and it is only 88g ultra-light weight. It is very suitable for traveling and mountaineering. The large capacity of 550ml can also meet the water needs of people in the morning, and the double-layer cup lid is sealed. The design of the circle, put it in the luggage without worrying about leakage.

Over the years, Kean has brought together top technical talents in the industry, provided brand owners with a complete set of silicone product solutions with innovative thinking, and designed, developed and produced various high-tech, high-quality outdoor products, maternal and child products, beauty products and household products.