What are the characteristics of extrusion process?

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Extruding process is through the role of extruding machine cylinder wall and screw parts, so that the rubber material to achieve the purpose of extrusion and preliminary modeling.

The main equipment of extrusion process is extruder.Pressureing characteristics of several types of rubber.

Natural rubber pressing presses speed, semi - finished products shrinkage rate is small the shrinkage of semi-finished products is small.Fuselage temperature 50-60℃, nose 70-80℃, mouth shape 80-90℃.

  Styrene- butadiene rubber has a slow extrusion speed, large compression deformation, rough surface, the fuselage temperature of is 50-70℃, nose temperature of is 70-80℃, the mouth temperature of is 100-105℃.

Neoprene rubber is not fully hot before pressing, the body temperature is 50℃, the mouth shape is 70℃.

Epdm rubber has fast extrusion speed, small shrinkage rate, fuselage temperature 60-70℃, nose temperature 80-130℃, mouth shape 90-140℃.

Nitrile butadiene rubber pressure performance is poor, when the pressure should be fully hot refining.The fuselage temperature is 50-60℃, and the nose temperature is 70-80℃.

Above is about the characteristics of extrusion process, shenzhen kean silica gel products manufacturers, focus on the silica gel industry.

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