Kean silicone coffee cup review

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Author : kean001
Update time : 2022-06-06 09:38:19

Since I bought it, I lost my old cup at home. This new silicone coffee cup has...Attractive shape and a non-slip cup cover, of course quilt cover can be customized on their favorite things such as their name, or figure words are no problem.I also want to make the silicone coffee cup coincide with my ideal image, and design a design I like.

After using kean's silicone coffee cup for a week, I found that silicone coffee cup has the following advantages:

First of all, Kean silicone cup can be easy to carry. If you don’t want to drink, you can just fold it without any complex operation. It can save your unnecessary space. secondly, Kean silica gel coffee cup is made of safe, high quality food grade silica gel material for easy use. And it's easy to clean. It's easy to wash by hand.You can always use it.

Third, Kean silicone coffee cup is must be a good partner on your journey. Very light weight and small, even small enough to fit in your pocket. If you worry about how to send a special gift to your friends, this cup must be a good choice. Widely Use: This type of cup can be used in many situation. It is ideal for lunch, picnics, sporting events, outdoor travel, home life, business office, etc. If you are feel thirsty, you can just unfold the cup and fill the water in it without any complex operation. In the end, Since using kean's silicone coffee cup, I have carried it with me almost all the time, because it is really convenient to carry this cup.Very suggest to buy experience.

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