How to distinguish the differences between food grade silicone and ordinary silicone?

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Update time : 2022-06-08 10:29:39

Pulling: this method is very simple. When you see the product, you can test it by visual inspection.

Operating method: hold the product of silicone by hand and focus on one place, then pull it to both sides. If there is white on the product, it is ordinary silicone; if not, it is food grade silicone.

Smelling: get close to the silicone product and smell it. If you pull it and appeared white, meanwhile, it has a pungent taste, you can conclude that it is ordinary silicone, not food grade silicone.

About organic silicone, there are two points to attention here.

1. The main methods of identification are visual inspection, which is very simple and practical. A product is pulled up and turned white, also has a pungent smell. It can be determined as ordinary silicone, and do not reach food-grade standard.

2. Noted that the silica is not white but also has a light smell, which is food-grade silicone. The smell is produced in the production process, but it does not affect the product quality, and can be disappeared.

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