reusable silicone food storage bags - Eco-Friendly and high appearance level, Can it replace plastic bags?

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Update time : 2022-06-10 09:58:08
  In order to solve the problem of food preservation and taste, smart people invented cling film, cling film also really solve the problem of preservation and taste, or later we found that cling film has a lot of shortcomings, fresh film is disposable materials don’t bear, not hot resistant, not cold resistant, placed for a long time will cause cancer, Pollution of the environment.
  The global ban on plastic, environment protection and safety is a big trend, the world is using reusable products to replace disposable products, keep in fresh more than keep fresh disposable straw, disposable cup will be gradually replaced.
reusable silicone food bags As the name suggests, silicone food bags is made of silicone as raw materials, the main component of silicone is silica. chemical properties stable, with a wide operating temperature range, it can be used at -40℃ - 230 ℃, with softness, durability, environment protection and other characteristics.
reusable silicone food storage bagssilicone food storage bags
Silicone into the environmental protection grade, food grade and medical grade, all contact with the food of the silicone products must be produced by more than food grade material, the silicone food storage bags made from food grade silicone material, health harmless. Environmental protection, reusable, long service life, heat and cold resistant, simple operation, vegetables, fish. meat, soup, fruit juice etc. All of this can be used silicone food storage bags to keep fresh. fresh time can take up to 7 days more, solve the defect of traditional plastic wrap,  better silicone food storage bags preserve your original flavor.
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