A magic silicone scrubbing gloves

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Update time : 2022-06-11 09:14:04

A magic silicone scrubbing gloves! Reusable dishrag, dishwashing, Wash the fruits and vegetables, as an oven gloves!

The market is common wash dish to brush respective advantage and disadvantage.

Steel wool : A steel wool pricks easily, and they always get our hands dirty, in addition, when squeezing detergent, it always gets on the bottle to cause waste.

Sponge: Its formaldehyde exceeds bid nearly 50 times, the word that cleans kitchenware with it, very easy toxic, imagine it has how big harm to our health.

Clean cloth is made of nylon, polypropylene fiber and adhesive.clean cloth swabbed tableware effect is good, but its are raw material with chemical fiber, use for a long time, the fine fiber that falls off is harmful to human body.

Cotton clean cloth is not easy to happen chemical fiber fall off, but the disadvantage is hanging in the kitchen is easy to breed mold, more need to pay attention to hygiene.

To sum up: some common market washing dishes and brushes are more disadvantages than advantages, easy to breed bacteria not to say, if the cleaning is not in place, and even endanger your health and family!

Some people started asking

whether or not there is a hand does not hurt, clean and convenient sanitation of a dishwashing brush?

Of course there are

KEAN brings this latest multifunctional magic silicone scrubbing gloves

Material introduced

Compared to conventional materials

Silicone material is safe, healthy and non-toxic

It is popular with many people

Especially in Europe and America

Silicone kitchenware is the first choice kitchenware for most families.

It feels soft and comfortable

Silicone material makes it wear - resistant and anti - skid performance is very strong

Impervious to damage

Silicone scrubbing gloves don't taste anything

Because the chemical properties of silicone materials are very stable

So you don't have to worry about releasing toxic substances

It also has a longer lifespan than other dishwashers

This silicone scrubbing gloves USES a double-sided bristle design

Strong oil absorption and dirt removal force, soft bristles

Not easy to scratch tableware, kitchen utensils

Dense bristles

Just a little detergent

Can produce rich bubble

After use, rinse under clean water to restore cleanliness

Also use dishwasher to clean

It's very convenient to clean

It's very flexible

No dead Angle cleaning at 360 degrees

Arbitrary tearing is not easy to deformation, cracking

And corrosion resistance and durability

Don't worry about not being clean anymore

Dirt on the skin of everyday vegetables and fruits

Clean clean to eat safe sanitation

So using it to wash fruits and vegetables is also a very good choice

High temperature resistant and easy to clean

Its heat and cold resistance is particularly strong

The minimum temperature is minus 40 degrees Celsius

The maximum tolerable temperature is about 250 degrees

It is also perfectly fine to use as an insulating glove if necessary

Easy to open the lid of the hot pot and move the hot plate

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