Kitchen cleaner you've never seen before - magic silicone gloves

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Live so delicately our,

Enjoy life,

Make your own favorite food, design your own warm nest,

Engagement two or three friends, watching the fresh food from their own hands into a delicious meal

A group of people, drinking wine, talking about life, don't mention how comfortable ~

But at the same time... Really don't want to pick up the pieces! Greasy table, Fried and stir-fried kitchen table, Dozens of dishes to be washed, wash the bowl, wash the pot, wipe the cooking bench, table, lampblack machine, it's can let us collapse...

Since the beginning of winter, the solidification of oil stains into the kitchen has become the most nerve-racking thing.

Detergent also hurts your hands

Cold, sticky, and wet dishcloths and sponges are a particular nuisance.

In the case of kitchen hygiene,

If you choose the right washing tool, it will get twice the result with half the effort.

Youtube popular recommendation: Magic silicone dishwashing gloves

"Clean gloves + dishwasher brush" 2 x 1

Say goodbye to the heaviness of washing gloves,

Wear silicone dishwashing gloves, it makes you instantly sharp.

Say goodbye to grease and detergent,

Protect our delicate hands from greasy nausea.
Magic silicone dishwashing gloves

Magic silicone dishwashing gloves with two-sided wash scrubber, only one suits two hands

Human nature design, the palm of the soft long and thin brush hair, easy to foam, wash dishes, wash POTS, wipe stove, table, lampblack machine more convenient.

The middle part of the finger slightly hard wave light lines, rub more easily ~

Fingertip dot texture, increase grip strength, wash edges and corners more easily,

Let besmirch have no place to hide form, and economize cleaner, protect environment imperceptibly.

And the material is soft won't wear out tableware however.
magic silicone gloves  magic silicone gloves  magic silicone gloves  magic silicone glovesmagic silicone gloves

Silicone washing gloves scope of application:

Clean cutlery, POTS and pans is not under the word;

Wash the fruit, remove wax stain easily done;

Kitchen countertops, range hoods, cutting boards can also be done;

You can also use it to...Wash car, wash toilet, brush ceramic tile, defend bath wash one's hands stage, give pet bath, when heat insulation glove, exceed function, wait for you to discover.

Most importantly, silicone cleaning gloves is waterproof, oilproof and easy to clean.

Wash it clean and leave no residue.

Use long, be afraid of bacterium much, disinfection ark disinfection, boiling water disinfection is applicable.

Use up a hook to hang, do not cover an area.

What are these amazing silicone gloves made of?

Of course, it is environment-friendly and pollution-free food-grade silica gel.

Silicone material is safe, healthy and non-toxic

It is popular with many people

Especially in Europe and America

Silica gel kitchenware is the first choice kitchenware for most families

High transparency, high tension, will not fade, wear resistance and anti-skid performance is very strong

Impervious to damage

Hot water doesn't smell anything.

The old man who washes dishes and brushes.

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