Which material straw is the best to use?

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Starbucks has announced that it will completely stop using plastic straws by 2020, a trend that seems to be gaining momentum after McDonald's, KFC and other food and beverage brands jumped on the bandwagon.

The move could reduce starbucks' annual consumption of plastic straws by 1 billion, but do you always drink with your head up without one? In addition to a "cup lid" that does not require a straw, starbucks also offers other straws made from recycled materials.
starbucks straws

silicone straws, paper, stainless steel, plant and plastic straws - Which one is the best to use? I tried various types of non-plastic straws, It turned out that the silicone straw was perfect for me.

I chose a tea called Yerba Mate as the drink for the test straw, here is my trial experience.

Paper straw

The material of the paper straw dissolves easily, and the paper straw gives the drink an unpleasant taste mixed with the paper.

If we're going to eliminate disposable plastic straws, we should do the same with paper straws. It's a nightmare.

But paper straw exists many shortcomings, such as most use paper or plant material made of straw is not suitable for beverage temperature 40 ℃, and because easily dissolved, eat straw leads to a greater risk of choking.
paper straw

Stainless steel straw

The soft paper straw and the hard stainless steel straw are two extremes. I can't accept the stainless steel straw. While using stainless steel straws for drinks, my gums and teeth can easily scrape by hard metal, which makes me uncomfortable.

And, to my annoyance, the stainless steel straws mean you can't "chew" it, biting into a straw is a lot of fun.

In addition, there are also safety risks in stainless steel straws. In 2016, starbucks recalled more than 50,000 stainless straws in the starbucks accompanying cup in China to prevent accidental injuries when customers, especially children, fall down.
stainless steel straw

Compost plant straw

The straw, made from compostable plants such as straw, is similar to a paper straw and also changes the taste of the drink.But compared to paper straws, compostable straws are less likely to dissolve and have less of an impact on the drink's taste.

Silicone straw

The silicone straw is generally used for the pacifier of the baby bottle, so it is relatively safs, drinking from a silicone straw feels like a baby sucking on a bottle, and may even bring back some childlike fun.

The downside of using a silicone straw, however, is that you need more strength to suck than you would with any other straw, which may be a good option for those who want to exercise their facial muscles.

Silicone Sfoldable, portable, and reusable, it feels the best, most like a plastic straw.

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