Purchase baby teether matters need attention

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Update time : 2022-06-24 09:28:26

Baby teether is a baby used to gnaw, put in the mouth of the goods, it should be carefully selected for purchase, in case the purchase of inferior products endanger the health of the baby.

The following items should be paid attention to:

It is recommended to choose the brand with guarantee of quality and good reputation.
Can go to brand store to buy, not only the commodity variety, the quality also relatively have safeguard, in case buy fake and inferior product.

Buy a few more baby teether for a change.
The baby's hands are small that can't hang on the baby teether, you can choose easy hand baby teether or buy  a few more for the baby.

Generally choose the baby teether with food grade silicone
These two materials are environmentally friendly and non-toxic and flexible.
But silicone material is easy to produce static, adsorption bacterium, need to be cleaned regularly.

You can buy some interesting silicone baby teether.
The baby has a strong exploration of color and shape, and interesting products can attract the attention of the baby.
If stereo small animal baby teether, bright cartoon baby teether etc, in order to meet baby's need.

Silicone teether usage in baby different ages

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