Silicone Teether Function

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Update time : 2022-06-29 10:04:18

Relieve teething discomfort

When the baby starts teething, the gums will be uncomfortable and will not adapt to the growth of the tooth.
When the baby's gum is itching, the use of silicone teether can be used to massage the tooth, so that the baby's gum discomfort can be eased.

Massage baby gums

teether are usually made of silicone material, which is soft and does not hurt the gums, and can help massage the gums.
When a baby bites or sucks, it helps to stimulate the gums and promote the growth of the baby teeth.

Prevent biting the dangerous things

During teething baby will can't help but want to bite, Let the baby biting the silicone teether, it can prevent the baby with their mouth bite or suck, avoid biting into dangerous or unhealthy items.

Boost your baby's brain development

The process exercises the baby's hand, eye, and brain coordination while the baby puts it into his mouth, helping to boost the baby's intellectual development.
The baby is able to stimulate the brain cells again by gnashing on the silicone teether and helping to exercise the perception of the baby's lips and tongue.
silicone teetherWhen the baby has a feeling of restlessness and other negative emotions, the gum can help the baby to divert attention, soothe the baby's emotions, and help the baby gain satisfaction and security.

Train your baby to keep his mouth shut

The baby itself puts the gum into the mouth to gnaw bite, can exercise the baby's open mouth ability, training the baby's lips naturally close.

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