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Water is indispensable for human beings. We can't live without water. Ordinary tap water is not to be cited directly, and it must be filtered or purified for direct reference. There is an activated carbon filter water bottle, which is now selling well in the market, and drinking water from the filter water bottle can clean up the water again and make your drinking water healthier.

When you go out to fitness, go out running, traveling or short business activities, can take the activated carbon filter silicone water bottle, it is portable, foldable, at least two-thirds of the space can be saved and when you put the activated silica gel bottle backpack or hanging on the backpack. Unique lid button design, can operate the button with one hand, the lid will open automatically, more conducive to the journey of water and water. The lid also has a leak-proof design, and only when you squeeze it, the water will flow out automatically, controlling the flow of water to make it more convenient to drink, and to save water.

The working principle of activated carbon silicone water bottle is as follows:

The adsorption principle of activated carbon is to form a balanced surface concentration on its particle surface. The size of activated carbon particles also affected the adsorption capacity. Generally speaking, the smaller the activated carbon particles, the larger the filter area. Therefore, the powdered activated carbon has the largest total area and the adsorption effect is the best, but the powdered activated carbon can easily flow into the water tank with water, which is difficult to control and rarely used. Granular activated carbon is not easy to flow due to particle formation, and the impurities of organic matter in the water are not easily blocked in the activated carbon filtration layer, and its adsorption capacity is strong and it is easy to carry and replace.

The adsorption capacity of activated carbon is proportional to the time of contact with water. More longer time, the better the water quality after filtration. Note: the filtered water should be slowly flowing out of the filter layer. The new activated carbon should be cleaned before the first usage. Otherwise the black ink will flow out. Before loading filters, activated carbon should be at the bottom and top overlay on 2 ~ 3 cm thick sponge, role is to prevent algae into larger particles impurities, such as activated carbon using 2 ~ 3 months later, if filtering effect to decrease should be change the new activated carbon. On the surface of the activated carbon particles, a balanced surface concentration is formed, and the organic matter is adsorbed to the activated carbon particles, and the initial adsorption effect is very high. 

However, the adsorption capacity of activated carbon decreases with varying degrees, and the adsorption effect decreases. If the water in the tank is cloudy, the organic content of the water is high and the activated carbon will soon lose its filter function. Therefore, activated carbon should be cleaned or replaced regularly.
Environmental protection, health, durability, heating and folding, believe that silicone activated carbon water bottle is a trend of future social development.

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