How to let baby love bath?

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Author : kean001
Update time : 2022-07-11 10:37:38
I think how to let baby take a bath happily is a very hard and trouble thing for most of Moms. Baby always don’t like bath especially hate wash their hair. They always put water every where that make Mom very angry. How to solve this problem? I think make a funny shower room is a good way to let baby love bath. First, we’d better paint the walls in bright colors, pink, blue, yellow is most popular. Or paint ocean pictures include beautiful fish, shell, coral.... Which will make baby feel jolly. Also, we can put some funny watercolor on the wall. And the mirror, should be cute style, such as hello kitty, Mickey and some other animal shape. The light is very important also. Bright and beautiful light always can create huge attraction for baby. But you know, the aesthetic fatigue suitable for baby world also. When they see the same light every day, they will lost interesting. So shower room toy is very important. We can buy all kinds of toy to let the baby play in the bathtub. The silicone duck, chick, doll, ball and so on. Mom wash body for baby, and baby can wash body for the toys. Facts approve that all of baby like this very much. But how to solve baby wash hair? Most of time, they would like to wash body, but don’t like to wash hair. In fact, we can use baby bathing cap, but usually baby don’t like use sprinkler. We can use the silicone collapsible water bottle to solve this problem. You can put one silicone bottle in the bathtub, let baby play it. This water bottle has very novel design. Can be foldable and squeezable, and there is a waterproof design on the cap, that can control water flow very well. It’s very good tool to help baby wash hair.  So to prepare some funny silicone collapsible water bottle in house is a good choice for us. Not only for outdoor drinking, but also can play with baby.
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