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Why replace hot water bottle by insulated water bottle?

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Author : kean001
Update time : 2022-07-04 10:01:12
Hot water bottle, have been used for centuries.The earliest thermos is metal container filled with hot coal.Now more and more people choose to use silica gel to replace metal thermos bottle.Because silicone water bottle heat resistant and convenient to carry. And silicone insulated water bottle can do it according to our need to bottle, can hinder fill thermos accidental leakage or fire.

Silicone silicone material in the thermos bottle temperature range is 70 ~ 250 degrees Celsius, when we are in the use of silicone insulated water bottle, he conducts heat is not so easy to go out. Because the moisturizing effect will be very good.Because of the high safety coefficient of the material, more and more water bottles will be in the near future, will eventually be replaced by a silicone water bottle.
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