History Of Water Bottles

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Everywhere we can see, it will be someone to carry water bottles. Handling and the trend of drinking water has been gradually from the bottle fashion modern years.

It is interesting to find out more about this kind of material is used to contain a variety of liquid we consume every day. Such as silicone water bottle, glass water bottle


Since the start of human history, people have been exploring the possibilities to convey fresh water from the source to their language environment.

Erect distributed in the height of the Roman empire, aqueduct water city, and containers made of clay, Natural fiber materials and animal fur is used to carry water.

With the passage of time, because of the war, long distance and roaming by the automation tool and sports activities, such as hiking in advance the inevitability of a better way for the design of the mobile portable water.

There are many brands of water in the bottle. For example, from SAN mineral water in Italy since 1935 has been produced, In 1826, takes root in evian.Perrier, founded in 1898.

In 2011 KEAN Silicone company.

At first, the company sold their water bottles, but in the middle of the 20th century, after the revolution of plastic plastic became more

The choice of fashion.After that day, plastic water bottles of water are commercially available. Now, the silicone water bottle are very fashionable.

In 2008, consumers began to doubt the existence of bisphenol a, or BPA found in some bottled water, which may lead to health problems.As a result,

Many companies today to make sure for containing liquid bottle zero dual certification.Since the late 12th century, most of the bottles

Contains water and neck.Today, with the development of the industry, shape and size bottle change rapidly.

SIGG metal version is such a vase.

Can be traced back to 1908 in Zurich, Switzerland, the company is made up of two enterprising, innovation, and visionary gentlemen, Rio Ferdinand and Xavier palace in collectors.

Believe in aluminum is the wave of the future, they started making metal bottle, not only but the frying pan, pan and other household items.

In the 1950 s, in the part of leader production metal bottles.

In terms of recycling, water bottle PET or polyester fiber, this is the most common plastic used for containers are discarded and recycling - known as the "post consumer - PET".

Once released consumer - sort from other waste PET, it is compressed, form a package and sold to the recycling company.Once sold,

This pet waste of wear and tear to the minutes of footage.These fragments swell to the production of polyester fiber, used in the production of items such as carpet,

Clothing and pillow.

Pet bottles are using solar water disinfection (recycling) in the third world countries;Empty pet bottles,

Stay in the sun, allowing through ultraviolet disinfection.Water bottle, whether by plastic, aluminum, metal or a part of the recyclable materials

Parcel of our lives, their presence is she stay for a long time.

DiscountMugs.com is a large distribution company based in Miami, Florida.They are based on web and factory -- direct allow them to keep prices low

The rest of the competition.They also have a huge selection of promotional products wine glasses and champagne flutes martini glass and water bottles.

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