How to Make a silicone water bottle?

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Author : kean001
Update time : 2022-07-27 10:28:30

  Water is our human body essential ingredients, is also our main composition of the body.

  In today's society more and more tend to be smart, convenient. Of course, we also want to consider safety and health. The ancients like diy use animal skins to make water bottles, but for our contemporary, a little too real. One doesn't have the time, is not in the production of water bottles required equipment and tools. So, the most sensible choice is to choose a healthy, suitable water bottles. Silicone water bottle should be our best choice at present.

  So, how to produce a silicone water bottle?First, we need a water bottle is constructed according to own thought the shape of the drawings, and then draw the lid of a suitable and applicable drawings.

  After drawing confirmed, according to the 3 d drawing first design a 3 d printing the sample for testing. If all function is no problem, let professional designers do 2 d engineering drawing based on 3 d. Then according to the 2 d engineering drawing for silicone water bottle mould, and silicone water bottle cap mould and other accessories. Actually the silicone water bottle mold process can be very complicated. And it needs a long time to production. Here we not explain one. When the silicone water bottle mould, according to our need to do samples of different colors. All accessories such as well, the body of the corresponding parts and silicone water bottle together. Do function test, safety certification test. At this time to make a silicone water bottle. Late must also need time to test the practical function of various parts. After completely through, a fully silica gel do out of the bottle.

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