Choosing the right Water Bottle for Bird

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Author : kean001
Update time : 2022-08-01 10:57:57

Nowadays,more and more people like keep birds in home, usually they buy it from bird and flower market, where there are lots of types for choose. Birds are very beautiful that many people like them very much, especially for our parents.

We usually very busy for work and have few time in home, they feel very lonely and have nothing to do. So keep birds in home can help them feel more happy and pass the time. Birdcall can let whole house and yard boisterous, full of vigor.

But there is a drinking issue for bird, it’s very hard for them to get enough clean water with the present bird house design, the water channel is too small and narrow, there is no any tool to fill in water, we only can use cup to put in the water, but it’s not very convenient, the water will overflow easily, and dirty the house floor. And when people carry it to outdoor for fresh air, it’s more difficult to feeding water to the birds. Because we can’t always carry on a cup which it’s very heavy.

How to solve this problem? I think the silicone water bottle can do this. First, the silicone water bottle with leak proof “+” valve design that can control the water flow. You can squeezing it very conveniently. And the collapsible is very light that can be carry out everywhere, to the park, you don’t worry about the bird drinking issue, you can feed it any time.

The silicone collapsible water bottle is very useful for bird.

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