Are silicone travel bottles safe?

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  Is the silicone travel bottle safe? This question actually asked three questions. Is the silicone material safe? How about the leak-proof effect of the silicone travel bottle? Can I bring it on the plane?

Dolphin travel bottle

Raw material safety:

General production of silica gel travel bottles of silica gel, is the use of food grade silica gel.

I. characteristics of food-grade silica gel:

1, non-toxic, tasteless, highly transparent;

2, soft, elastic, kink resistance, no deformation;

3, no cracking, long life, cold, high temperature resistance;

4, with high tear strength and superior electrical functions;

5, room temperature unchanged yellow, do not spray frost, do not spit white, do not fade, long-term no scale, no peculiar smell.

KEAN is made of food grade silica gel material approved by FDA. It is free of BPA and approved by FDA. It is non-toxic, odor-free and environmentally friendly.Germany imported food-grade silica gel raw materials, food-grade PP raw materials.

Silica gel products all through the FDA, LFGB, EN71, ASNZSISO8124, CCPSA test.

Is it leakproof? Can I bring it on the plane?

Leakproof must see how leakproof is designed. The silicone travel bottle of kean adopts four layers of leakproof design, air valve design and three layers of leakproof cover design, four layers of leakproof, to prevent leakage.

Leak-proof design

Rotating TAB window design to help you easily identify the liquid.

The airline has a maximum capacity of 100ml for containers that can be filled with liquid household items and can be easily carried on board.The capacity of KEAN silicone travel bottle is 30ml to 100ml.

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