How KEAN sees employees becoming couples

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Update time : 2022-03-23 16:15:40

As early as the establishment of KEAN in 2011, KEAN's general manager Eric once said that "members who join KEAN are carefully selected talents. With regard to the relationship between employees, we have the best internal solution . "


Not only that, every pair of newcomers in the company receives a certificate, Eric will send a big red envelope.

It is precisely because of the corporate culture that encourages internal love that KEAN has assembled a number of AI couples to successfully obtain certification.

From the establishment to the present, KEAN's staff mobility is very low in the industry, especially those members who have found a partner in KEAN have not left KEAN so far.

But as long as you pay attention, the lovers in the WeChat circle of friends often express "Companionship is the longest confession".


The low mobility of personnel is not only related to the harmony of internal corporate culture, but also has an inseparable relationship with external communication and cooperation.

KEAN, we use silicone as a starting point, a brand that creates a healthy, environmentally friendly, fashionable and happy lifestyle for life! We "make products with temperature with heart, let love and happiness spread all over the world."

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