Introduction to the characteristics of self-lubricating silicone

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Update time : 2022-04-12 09:29:30

Self-lubricating silicone. It has the characteristics of superior lubricating performance and long duration. Self-lubricating silica gel improves the problems of poor dynamic sealing effect and short service life of existing silica gel. The silica gel is suitable for molding, extrusion, injection and other product forming processes. The vulcanized silica gel product has fast oil output and moderate oil output. The oily property has a certain slow release effect, which not only ensures the lubricating effect, but also improves the service life. The main features of oil-extracting self-lubricating silicone are smooth hand feel, relatively high surface finish, relatively flat face, no sticky dust, improved wear resistance and strong adhesion. Secondly, it has a good effect on the dustproof and anti-stick properties of silicone products, and also has a low viscosity-temperature coefficient and high compression resistance.

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