Reusable BPA Free Silicone Water Bottles & Stainless Steel Water Bottles

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Update time : 2022-07-12 11:18:48

Indeed we need for hydration when the heat rises. Your body can not overheat so need water to keep your body temperature for balance. The person of bustle about, you need drink some warning water at all times, if you use some other have not insulation bottles that will get your water cold. Consequently you need reusable BPA free silicone water bottles.

Reusable silicone water bottles are the select choice in our life. BPA free silicone water bottles are not had xenoestrogen, estrogen-mimicking, hormone-like properties. In reality, reusable silicone water bottles are eco-friendly, so foldable silicone water bottles are beneficial for our health and good for environment.

Why we purchase won't decide to blank? Because many business leaders and purchasing managers decide purchase foldable BPA free liquid silicone water bottle for promotional gifts to the customers. Our reusable collapsible silicone water bottles can be purchase from the KEAN factory directly or printed of your own logo.

What's the different between stainless steel and silicone water bottles? A few points can be list as follows:

-Weight. Liquid silicone water bottles are lighter than stainless steel.

- Design. Liquid silicone water bottles are more multi-color than stainless steel.

- Function. Liquid silicone water bottle can fold up, but stainless steel not.

- Insulation. Stainless steel water bottles are better than liquid silicone water bottles.

Silicone water bottles are the best choice for promotional gifts. It is better than plastic water bottles, which has lots of potential safety hazard for our body. You will expect your customers use the silicone water bottles anywhere, even for all day. However they use it running around street or do the exercise, they can do free advertise for your product of collapsible water bottles.

KEAN Collapsible water bottle had strong performance of leak proof, three-layer leak never spillage. Fold up when you not fill tub in the bottle, it can put on your bag to help you save place.

Easy to maintenance and service of KEAN silicone water bottles. Wash it with soap water before first time used. Clean it with baking soda as well as white vinegar, if you dose not reassure for cleaning. Also it can wash with dishwasher.

Foldable medical grade liquid silicone water bottles are not hurt for our health, it is BPA free and Eco-friendly, which one suitable for promotional gifts. More and more people pay attention to do exercise keep fit every day. Using our silicone water bottle brook no delay and use them in anytime. Once KEAN launched the product, our customers all over the country were sending in comments praising us for the "invention" that changed their lives.

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