What are pc bottle, pp bottle, ppsu bottle and silicone bottle?

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PC milk bottle: PC plastic milk bottle is lighter, resistant to falling, not easy to break, many brands, low price, easy to buy, and beautiful and translucent style; but high temperature disinfection (more than 100 degrees high temperature) is easy to release bisphenol A (BPA), and use The longer it is released, the more bisphenol A it may disturb the metabolic process of the human body, have an impact on infant development, immunity, and even cause cancer.

PC bottle

  PP milk bottle: PP milk bottle has high chemical stability, good hygienic performance, high heat resistance, microwave tableware is generally PP plastic products, non-toxic, harmless to human body, the cheapest price; however, the life is shortest, long-term high temperature resistance time The shortest, and easy to oxidize, corrosion resistance is not good, there is no beautiful bottle of pc material.

  PPSU feeding bottle: PPSU is a relief material, does not contain endocrine-disrupting carcinogenic chemicals (bisphenol A), widely used in medical equipment. PPSU is a material with excellent heat resistance, heat resistance temperature up to 207 degrees, can be repeated High temperature boiling, steam sterilization, hospital vacuum high pressure sterilization, microwave oven sterilization and liquid medicine sterilization. PPSU material has excellent drug resistance and acid and alkali resistance, can withstand general potions and detergents cleaning, no chemical changes .PPSU bottles have been tested and confirmed to be free of bisphenol A toxin. They have the three advantages of glass bottles, non-toxicity, lightness of plastic PC bottles and unbreakable.

PPSU bottle

Silicone milk bottle: Silicone is still a breathable material. Even when placed at room temperature, breast milk is not easy to deteriorate. It can better maintain the freshness of breast milk when it is refrigerated or frozen. The silicone bottle is soft and skin-like, which will stabilize the baby's mood.

silicone bottle

It is easy to wash and sterilize. It can thoroughly clean all parts of the bottle, and it can be cleaned without the bottle brush. Moreover, disinfection in boiling water or in a microwave oven will not cause deformation.

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