What are the advantages of silicone products?It is introduced as following:

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With the development of silicone products have been gradually introduced into Chinese families,which is used to be popular in foreign countries In recent years,domestic silicone products have become more and more popular.So does it be why recognized by everyone?In addition to its wide applicability,it must should have its excellent features and performance,which will be introduced to you by Kean Silicone as following.

Silicone products

  Firstly,it is because of environmental protection.Silicone material is degradable which is in line with the requirements of the international community for environmental protection,which is much more better than plastic products.In recent years,the domestic environmental protection voice has become higher and higher.So an excellent,degradable environment-friendly material will be more popular with people.

  Secondly,silicone material is safe and hygienic and has excellent performance.It is non-toxic,harmless and safe to use.

  It is soft and tear-resistant Moreover,It is an excellent material for daily necessities produce.

  The most important performance of silicone products is:high temperature resistance

  Suitable temperature ranges from-40 to 230 degrees.Silicone items can be used in microwaves and ovens.That’s why some lunch boxes and bowls are made of silicone.

  The second important point is:easy to clean.

  Silicone products can be washed in clean water after use or in dishwashers,The third point is:a long-last life.

  The chemical properties of silica gel are very stable.It has a longer service life when compared with other materials.

  The fourth point is:soft and comfortable Due to the softness of the silicone material,cake molds have a comfortable touch,great flexibility and no deformation.

  The fifth point is:various colors

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