What to pay attention to when using a silicone hot water bottle

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Update time : 2022-05-26 09:23:20
In the winter, we often take a hot water bottle to warm it up. Use it for use. But what issues should we pay attention to? Here, I have found suggestions for you on the Internet:

Protective Equipment: Outside the hot water bag, a coat (a cloth bag is available) is used so that it is not easily dirty and is not easy to be hot. It also isolates the air from the sunlight and increases the service life of the hot water bottle.

Temperature control: The water in the hot water bottle is not hotter, the better, it can be poured directly into very hot water, 80-90 degrees Celsius who is the best, because the hot water makes hot water to the above soft silicone, which leads to the service life of the hot water bottle cut back.

Cleaning and maintenance: The hot water bottle will become dirty with a long time, but it is very simple to clean it. First brush with water (non-soap water), then wipe it with a clean cloth, and then put it in the room to air dry naturally; never cut it on the stove. Drying, or hot water bag aging, cracking, hard hair is a certain thing, hot water bottle can not be used.


1. If there is acid, alkali or oil spilled on top of the hot water bottle, wipe it off immediately.

2. If the hot water bottle breaks a hole, the ordinary tire glue cannot be repaired, because the ordinary tire glue can only be used on raw rubber and volatile oil, even if it will crack。

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