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Baby Toy Silicone teether[2014-11-21]
Have you found a babies like to chew everything when they founds something in his hand? Because the babies toot…
Is it safe to give silicone teether to a teething baby?[2018-04-28]
Silicone teether is Non-toxic and tasteless, chemically stable, high temperature resistant, and low temperature; High finish, strong tear resistance, resistance to aging and adhesion.
How to Select the Best Silicone Teething Jewelry?[2015-02-06]
First, a high quality silicone teething jewelry must have perfect joint line. You can’t feel there has a joint…
What is the difference of Silicone Hydraulic Mould and Silicone Injection Mould ?[2015-02-06]
In the hydraulic molding process, the mixed silicone is filled into an open mold. For a core and cavity mold, …
Wonderful teething necklace[2015-02-07]
I have never heard of these kind of chewable necklace,but with an 9 month old nephew who rips my sister’s ea…
Sensory Tool Special Need for Children---Pencil Stopper[2015-03-05]
In the modern life, more and more children with autism spectrum disorder. Now we have a special tool to help a…
How to Alleviate the Pain of Your Teething Baby[2015-03-24]
A few adults could feel the pain of a teething baby Young mommy don’t know what going on while their baby …
BSCI for kean silicone[2015-12-28]
BSCI, Kean silicone, silicone teething jewelry, Kean silicone jewelry
2015 hot sell silicone products in Kean[2016-01-13]
Hot sell silicone teething necklaces in 2015, rainbow pacifier chains, elephant teethers,large beaded necklaces FK005 and FK006
silicone teething bibs arrival[2016-01-19]
silicone teething bibs, baby teething products, great for moms babies, Kean silicone the fabric and silicone parts can be customize you prefer
Silicone Teething Easter Beads Egg[2016-03-25]
happy easter silicone teething egg beads, safety for babies chewing, food grade silicone and bpa freee. Kean Silicone easter egg beads manufacturer.
Silicone Beads Flat Oval Lower Price[2016-03-28]
bpa free food grade silicone flat oval beads, the price have cut down. Only need USD$0.15 per pc. Kean Silicone…
New Arrival in April[2016-04-13]
As Kean is the creative and developing company, we have many new products released per month. Kean Silicone Prov…
Silicone Chewbeads Candy Color[2016-05-04]
This Month Kean have released 7 new colours for 9mm, 12mm, 15mm and hexagon chewbeads. There are Quartz pink,Lig…
The benefit for our silicone rock baby teethers[2016-05-30]
The benefit for our silicone rock baby teethers 1. With moderate hardness,friction gums, it can promote initiation…
ABC kids Expo 2016[2016-09-18]
Kean silicone will be attending the ABC kid Expo 2016 in Las Vegas as the silicone teething products factory supplier,we will exhibit the lasted baby teethers,palcemat and silicone baby bibs
New Special Color For Silicone Hexagons Beads[2017-04-13]
2017 hot selling new special color silicone loose beads, teething beads, chew hexagons beads, BPA Free, FDA Approved. Kean Silicone Loose Beads Wholesale
baby teething symptoms[2017-12-14]
During the baby grow teeth , there will be some abnormal performance of the baby, and different babies will perform differently. Generally speaking, there are nine main aspects:
The time and sequence of the deciduous teeth teething[2017-12-19]
Middle incisor: 6 months of mandible; The upper jaw is seven and a half months Side incisors: mandibular 7 months;
baby teething relief[2017-12-23]
Massage gums A gentle massage of the gums will help to relieve teething pain. Gently rub the baby's gums with clean fingers.

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